Guess who the first agency was to use NFTs as actors in a commercial? Yes us. It was us. Turns out animated characters have much smaller egos than actual actors. Go figure.

One Fantastic Ride
The 2022 Kia Forte is a tour de force, de speed, and de technology. And what better way to showcase all that performance than racing a super bike while powersliding around shipping containers and dodging fifty-foot forklifts? Buckle up, this turbocharged sprint is virtually unreal.

Accelerate The Good
When Covid-19 hit things got bad in a hurry, so Kia had to act fast. In an effort to help those who are often forgotten, we immediately launched the “Accelerate the Good” initiative and donated a million dollars to youth homelessness.


The Telluriders
While other companies were talking about unprecedented times, Kia was taking extraordinary measures. The factory in West Point, GA shifted from making cars to making PPE. Then Kia volunteers drove a fleet of Tellurides to frontline workers throughout Southern CA.

Kia Commercial - Chris Pouy


Challenge Accepted
When we were challenged by the President of Kia to make the greatest running footage package ever created by Kia…during a global pandemic, we accepted. After all, this has always been a challenger brand and nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing the impossible.




The Mountain


Pikes Peak


Dinner Bell


Command The Season
How do you make a commercial for Kia’s Holiday Sales Event in a year when there’s not much to be cheerful about and there’s no snow and you can’t travel anywhere cold because of Covid-19? You improvise.