McDonald’s has always been #1 in the breakfast category. Our assignment was to introduce Taco Bell’s all-new morning menu with a 360 TV, print, social and digital campaign. By positioning McDonald’s as the evil empire and Ronald McDonald as their malevolent dictator, we were able to rally Breakfast Defectors to rebel against the Routine Republic of Ronald. It also increased breakfast sales by a record 5 % and helped increase their breakfast market share.

Adweek’s #3 most read advertising and branding stories of 2015.
Took home a Bronze Lion for film at Cannes.





Throughout NY and LA, these posters served as the propaganda behind our Breakfast Defector movement.





Demolition Man/Comic Con 25th Anniversary

If you’ve ever seen the movie Demolition Man you’d know that Taco Bell won the franchise wars in 2032. So for the film’s 25th anniversary at Comic Con, we created the TB of the future complete with holographic menus, a cryo-cocktails and even robot waiters.

Celebs are always passing through TBHQ so we decided to exploit them, bribe them with free tacos and create our very own variety show.


Design Theory

Jony Ive is an Apple iconoclast. He’s the head designer of the iPhone and his attention to detail and function is unparalleled. Except by Nigel Glover, Taco Bell’s Sr. Burrito Designer. Our assignment was to convey the innovation and design of Taco Bell’s newest launch and If Apple ever made a Cheesy Core Burrito, it would look something like this.


Bacon Mall

Capitalizing on the exponentially growing bacon fad, we introduced Taco Bell’s Bacon Club Chalupa as the bacon you can actually eat. awarded us the most Shazamed ad for the week of its launch.